[SMT-SA-2013-01] Alcatel Lucent MyTeamWork XSS

Vulnerability Type: Cross-Site Scripting

CVE: CVE-2013-4653

Products and affected versions:

Omnitouch 8660 My Teamwork prior to release 6.7
Omnitouch 8670 AMDS (Automated Message Delivery System) prior to release 6.7
Omnitouch 8460 Advanced Communication Server prior to release 9.1
OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite prior to release 6.7.3

Vendor Website:

Alcatel-Lucent Advisory:

Vulnerability Details

A Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability has been  found  in Alcatel-Lucent OminTouch MyTeamWork. The issue is due to the input passed via "product" field to login page is not properly sanitised before being returned to the user. This could exploited to inject arbitrary javascript in the login page.

Attack Scenarios:

- An attacker could steal user/password previously stored by password manager in the browser, by convincing users to visit/follow a malicious web site/URL .

- An attacker could perform some actions  when a logged-in user visits a specially crafted web page. For example to manipulate a client session, to  impersonate a legitimate user in order  to view or alter user data, or to perform transactions as that user.

Proof Of Concepts

PoC-1: Test XSS:


PoC-2: Show saved password:

https://site_with_MyTeamWork/ics?action=signin&product=buddies";}}</script><script>setTimeout("alert(document.signinForm.password.value)", 1000);</script>&display=main_frameset


Alcatel-Lucent has released updates.

For Omnitouch 8660 My Teamwork: Update to release 6.7;
For Omnitouch 8670 AMDS (Automated Message Delivery System): Update to release 6.7
For Omnitouch 8460 Advanced Communication Server: Update to release 9.1
For OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite: Update to release 6.7.3


7th November 2012 - Vulnerability discovered and notified to Alcatel-Lucent by Psirt.Security@alcatel-lucent.com

May 2013 - Alcatel-Lucent informed customers and business partners

2nd July 2013 - Coordinated Public Disclosure

Other References

Alcatel-Lucent Advisory:

Security Focus:



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